Southland dairy farmer says lely juno makes sense

Cows are still conventionally grazed outside and when required cows are farmed inside in free stall barns.

We are currently operating 750ha on the milking platform (over 3 farms), and 450ha support block.

Producing 1,370,000kgMS, with 2500 cows (597kgMS/cow).

Farmers with winter barns are reporting savings

Award accepted as tribute to young farmer

Southland dairy farmer says lely juno makes sense

Southern Centre Dairies

Welcome to Southern Centre Dairies. We have been dairy farming in New Zealand since 1999, after moving from Holland where there were limited dairy opportunities available.  Today we are still on the original farm we purchased in 1999. Over the years we have expanded to the current operation through a series of conversions, expansion and trading land over Southland to enable the purchase of land close to home.

Thriving on a hybrid system

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