At southern centre dairies cows are conventionally grazed outside.  

when required cows are farmed inside in free stall barns.

By doing this animal husbandry is at a high standard and drives cost of production sustainably down.


Currently we have 750 hectares our milking platform is over 3 farms. We have 450 hectares of a support Block and also lease 200 hectares.  We produced 1 370 000 kgMS (KiloGram of Milk Solids)(16,440,000Ltr) with 2400 cows in the 2013/2014 season (570kgMS/cow, 7,000Ltr per cow). 

Our goal is to increase production to 1,500,000kgMS (18,000,000Ltr) by the 2017-2018 season. We want to do this by increasing numbers to 2500 cows milking at their peak aiming for 3.3 cows per Hectare and doing 600KgMs (7,500Ltr), 2000 KgMs per Ha.

We have been dairy farming in New Zealand since 1999 after moving from Holland where there were limited dairy opportunities available. With funds from the sale of our business in Holland, we purchased a 90ha sheep farm at Limehills and converted this to dairy.

We started with 300 cows through a 25 double up herringbone shed. Later we had the opportunity to purchase the neighbouring land.

Today we are still on that original farm and over the years have expanded to the current operation through a series of conversions, expansion and trading land over Southland to enable the purchase of land close to home.

The hybrid

At Southern Centre Dairies we blend the Northern and Southern hemisphere systems of farming. This allows us to have 70% of our cows farmed conventionally as the New Zealand system and 30% of our cows farmed in the free stall barns.
What We Do

About us

From Left farm owners/directors; Alfons and gea, Daughter Suzanne (office assistant), Youngest son Leon (tractor Operator), loved son and brother; Stefan Zeestraten (second in charge, southern centre legacy)


We've been around since 1999 ... and going strong

​​​Southern Centre Dairies is run as one entity. The milking platform of 750 ha has three cowsheds and four free stall barns that can house up to 2700 cows.

At the present time 100% of calving is during spring

Working alongside the owners, we have 3 main men;

- One Operations Manager

- One Contracting / Machinery manager

- One Lora Rock / Excavating manager

Each farm has a unit manager.

General farm staff allocated adequately.

We are a 95% self contained operation (including contracting) .