Here at Southern Centre Dairies we run a unique umbilical operation along with the machinery staff.

The umbilical at Southern Centre Dairies is one with a difference. Not only does it have a dribble bar but it also has a cutting disc with a trailing shoe following.

This is an effective use for effluent as it has a high N.P.K utilisation. The low contamination on the leaf ensures that the pasture is more palatable.

Effluent is pumped to the applicator so no tanks are required. There is also very low risk on run-off to drain and tile drains. As a result of all these unique qualities the umbilical works excellent on rolling landscape too.

As this piece of machinery is such a necessity on our property, Southern Centre Dairies has created a unique opportunity for other farmers to receive it's potential. Therefore we have extended the use of the umbilical to SCD Contracting.

We are currently still working on getting photo's for our gallery so please be patient for these to be put up.

The Umbilical


Here at Southern Centre Dairies, we understand the needs all farms require, such as; maintenance, silage, cultivation etc. As a result we offer our services to other local farmers. Contracting at Southern Centre Dairies is a very recent service that has been added to our unique farm. We have called this SCD Contracting.

Leon Zeestraten, Southern Centre Dairies' contracting and machinery manager, is the chief behind this whole operation. He ensures that all staff are on board with every farmers needs and that all job requirements are done correctly. 

At Southern Centre Dairies much of the contracting work is seasonal. Therefore we recruit many temporary tractor operators to get through the busy seasons. As a result we provide many New Zealander's temporary work and also work for some overseas people who are wanting to experience New Zealand and work at the same time. This is working really well for us and we enjoy having different cultures around on the farm. 

If you feel you are interested in operating machinery at Southern Centre Dairies please don't hesitate to contact us using the form below

Leon Zeestraten

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