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Greg Deam is our Lora rock and excavating manager. At Southern Centre Dairies we have a Rock quarry (Lora Rock). Greg is like a kid in a sandpit, totally in his element supplying rock to other business' and with his amazing digger skills also provides services to put this rock to good use (excavating). From building cow lanes, foundations, drainage and effluent ponds, you name it Greg will build it. You could say Greg is part of the furniture here at Southern Centre Dairies.

Meet our staff at Southern Centre Dairies. Without these guys our cows wouldn't be where they are today. These guys are behind the scenes doing all of the milking and caring for all the dairy cows. They work hard throughout the season with calving mating and keeping all 3 farms tidy. The farm staff are a huge asset here at Southern Centre Dairies and all have their own diverse set of skills that they bring to the table.

Hayden Nicholson is the dairy farms operations manager. His position at Southern Centre Dairies is to manage all of the cows with their needs and nutrition. He assists staff and also the pasture management. He steps in to help a lending hand when he is needed. His main objective is to ensure the cows are of optimum health and works hard to reach top production. Harlee Nicholson (pictured left) is Hayden and Suzanne's cheeky little son along with Remi Nicholson. Harlee, Gracie and Remi are already proving to everyone that they are going to be a troublesome team as they grow older together on the farm. Exciting times for everyone to look forward too.

Suzanne Zeestraten is Alfons and Gea's only daughter and middle child. Suzanne and her husband Hayden live on the farm with their sons, Harlee and Remi . Hayden is also Gemma's older brother so we have quite a unique relationship within the family. Other than being a full time mother and being a hair stylist Suzanne is a huge help to the team at Southern Centre Dairies. Suzanne helps her mother with office work and organises any events that are occurring on the farm. Suzanne does all of the designing for the Southern Centre logo, website, business cards etc. 

Leon Zeestraten is Alfons and Gea's youngest child. He works on the farm as the contracting and machinery manager. Leon's passion lies within the machinery. He is a huge asset to Southern Centre Dairies. Leon learned most of his incredible skills from his older brother and has carried on putting them to use on a daily basis. Whether it be ground work or silage, Leon is always keen to learn more and get more advanced with his machinery knowledge. Currently he is trying to grow the Southern Centre contracting business.

Meet Gemma. Gemma is Stefan's incredible partner. Stefan's girls would make him proud every minute of every day. Gemma and Gracie are a huge part of Southern Centre Dairies. Gemma relief-rears the calves and is also a relief farm hand. Gemma loves to go out and help out whenever she is free. Gemma is one super-mom who is also studying her second year full time as a vet nurse. Little miss Gracie is one big ball of fun and brings smiles to everyones faces everyday.

Greg Deam

Lora Rock / Excavating manager

Farm Staff

Farm Staff

owners and directors

Hayden and harlee nicholson

gemma nicholson and gracie zeestraten

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Stefan zeestraten

Alfons and gea zeestraten

The team

Machinery Operators

Meet our machinery operators at Southern Centre Dairies. Without these guys our farm wouldn't be where it is today. These guys are behind the scenes doing all of the ground work, silage, feed, organic matter umbilical system and digger work, the list goes on. They work hard throughout the season dong whatever needs done. The machinery operators are a huge asset here at Southern Centre Dairies and they too, all have their own diverse set of skills that they bring to the table.

machinery operators

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Stefan Zeestraten is the eldest son of Alfons and Gea Zeestraten. Sadly Stefan passed away tragically at age 25 in July 2014. At that time his beloved partner Gemma, was pregnant with Gracie. Stefan was second in charge to his parents and was the operations manager as well as one of the main influences of where Southern Centre Dairies is today. His passion in the farm couldn't have been stronger. His footprints are seen everyday. He is the Southern Centre Legacy, his hard work and positive attitude to the farm has given us strength to keep the business going strong. Many of Stefan's visions are still to be put into place and we hope to make him proud in every step we take!

Gea and Alfons are the sole founders and directers of Southern Centre Dairies. Their passion in dairy farming has not only taken them to New Zealand but has lead them on the path of developing a very diverse dairy farming operation. Alfons and Gea's lifestyle has given them the opportunity to raise their 3 children; Stefan, Suzanne, and Leon in a hardworking and spacious environment. Alfons and Gea are very family orientated and have worked hard to provide their family with a great lifestyle. 

Dairy farms Operations Manager

Office assistant / ADVERTISEMENT DESIGNER / Events manager

Contracting / Machinery manager

calf rearer and relief farm hand

second in charge/ southern centre legacy